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Preparing you to launch your social enterprise and benefit your community. 


The WA Incubator Program offers a unique combination of personal and professional support from Australia’s leading business, social enterprise, and entrepreneurial minds to drive your social enterprise to new levels.

Limited to a maximum of 25 participants the WA Incubator Program will provide key insights into business plan development, financial sustainability, pitching for funds, partnering for success and much more.

If you’re looking to drive your social enterprise to new heights or launch your idea then talk to us today about how we can help position your venture in the Western Australian landscape.

I tell anyone who shows interest that SSE Australia’s learning programs are a million times better than any tertiary-based learning context I’ve experienced.– Susan Stanford, Youniverse

Applications have now closed for the WA Incubator which will be completed in October 2015.

Australia’s leading experts, mentors and thought-leaders. All at your fingertips.


What is the WA Incubator Program?

The WA Incubator Program is like no other in Australia. Specifically designed for the socially conscious entrepreneurs (and intrapreneurs) our Program spans 9-months (February – October 2015) with face-to-face Program days, 5 Action-Learning sessions, access to numerous entrepreneurial and business experts, exclusive learning and development sets, and an experience that will transform your idea into a reality.

How do I apply?

Applications have now closed for the WA Incubator which will be completed in October 2015.

What the Program Offers:

The WA Incubator Program provides a unique learning and development approach that combines industry experts and business leaders to provide a holistic program to increase our students knowledge.

Our Program offers:

  • A learning environment that is student-led, action-orientated and relevant to growing your venture.
  • Practical sessions with experienced social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and business people who will share with you their skills and knowledge on areas such as social impact, pitching, business planning, legal obligations and communications.
  • A dynamic network of fellow social entrepreneurs and support organisations across Australia to provide vital inspiration, encouragement and connection through the Program and beyond.

What does the Program involve?

The WA Incubator Program involves engaging in a dynamic learning experience that includes:

  • Access to tools and resources that help build your venture.
  • Access to entrepreneur networks.
  • Social enterprise tours.
  • Events and gatherings around Study Blocks and in between Program sessions with interesting people from all across the entrepreneurship and social enterprise sector.
  • An opportunity to be mentored by experienced social entrepreneurs and business leaders that will elevate your profile and provide access to difficult-to-reach first-hand experience.

Who can I expect to hear from?

You will hear from experts, such as previous speakers:

  • Paul Flateau, Centre for Social Impact
  • Michael Eales, Business Model Inc.
  • Kathryn Clements, Executive Director, Fogarty Foundation
  • Clare Gooderich, Director, Tinderbox
  • Jenna Palumbo, Social Ventures Australia
  • Partners and Senior Associates, K&L Gates
  • Clare Plant, Senior Tax Specialist, PWC

You will also hear from social entrepreneurs , such as:

  • Adam Johnson, Director, Garbologie
  • Brodie McCulloch Managing Director, Spacecubed
  • Kim Veale, General Manager, Organic Waste Solutions
  • Angie Paskevicius, CEO, Holyoak
  • Jamie Green, CEO, One Night Stand

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for the WA Incubator Program you must:

  • Have an idea for a project or be in the initial stages of implementation (this can be as an individual or as a part of an organisation).
  • Demonstrate passion, drive and commitment to your idea or social enterprise project.
  • Have autonomy and capacity for decision-making.
  • Be available to commit to a 9-month Program (see details below).

Our courses are best suited to students who:

  • Do not want a theoretical understanding of social enterprise – rather a first-hand learning program.
  • Are willing to jump in and take action and considered risk to drive their social enterprise forward as they gain deeper knowledge through the Program.
  • Have strong financial and personal support networks noting that the next 9 months will mean putting in hard yards for the success of your new venture.
  • Have capacity to attend every session and can work 2 days each week outside of the dedicated Program times (that may mean time away from your current employment) – this is compulsory in fairness to your venture and other students.

What’s expected of me?

In addition to attending the 13 face-to-face Program days, 5 Action Learning Sets and meetings with your mentor , we expect that you will work on your project at least 2 days per week. It is essential that you have dedicated time to work on your venture to put your learning into action.

You will need a good level of personal resilience. Our experience has shown that our students put their passion and drive behind their ventures and they need to be able to work through the emotions that may emerge throughout the learning process. You also need to be able to take on feedback from your peers within a small and large group setting.

Good News! No prior qualifications required!

SSE Australia does not require applicants to have any specific qualifications. We ask only that you are enthusiastic, determined and committed – driven by your cause or project as much as driving it!

We are seeking people with an entrepreneurial mindset, who are committed to their mission and who understand the community they are aiming to serve.

What are the costs involved?

The full cost of the WA Incubator Program is $8,800 (incl GST). Thanks to the generosity of our Program partners a range of sponsored positions are available, substantially reducing your fee based on certain criteria. Current funding opportunities include:

  • Lotterywest Capacity Building funding, eligible for not-for-profits or those seeking to become a not-for-profit
  • Participants from the City of Canning
  • Participants from the City of Fremantle
  • Youth participants through Fogarty Foundation

Program schedule:

Feb 23-26, 2015PerthBLOCK 1
Program induction, social impact part one, pitching and social enterprise tour
Introduction to Action Learning
March 4. 2015VirtualVirtual Action Learning Set with Facilitator
May 25-27, 2015PerthBLOCK 2
Business model & planning, understanding the market, social enterprise tour
May 6, 2015VirtualVirtual Action Learning Set with Facilitator and some self facilitation
June 10-12, 2015PerthBLOCK 3
Legals & governance, money & values, attracting investment, mid way evaluation, social enterprise tour
July 29, 2015VirtualVirtual Action Learning Set with Facilitator and some self facilitation
Sept 9-11, 2015PerthBLOCK 4
Personal leadership, partnerships, communication, social enterprise tour
Oct 7, 2015VirtualVirtual Action Learning Set with full self facilitation
Oct 28-30, 2015PerthBLOCK 5
Social impact part two, business plan, reflections, evaluation & celebration

Who is SSE Australia?

SSE Australia is a not-for-profit organisation and the global-leader in social enterprise development. Over 1,200 participants have completed SSE learning programs across the world and participants will be able to draw on this body of global best practice.

Established in Australia in 2009, SSE Australia has supported the development of over 350 social enterprises nationally.

SSE Australia’s WA Incubator Program is proudly supported by RAC, Scottish Masonic Charitable Foundation of WA, LotteryWest, Fogarty Foundation, City of Fremantle and City of Canning.

Scottish Masonic Charitable Foundation
Fogarty Foundation
City of Fremantle
City of Canning