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What is PSI?

Partnering for Scale & Impact (PSI) is SSE Australia’s latest initiative designed to transform Australia’s early stage social enterprise by reducing the structural gap in the social capital market.



We’re connecting with early stage social enterprises, investors, experts, and philanthropists, so if you’re interested in playing a role in PSI then email us today. Alternatively, visit our website.


Since launching the PSI initiative just 8 months ago  the team at SSE Australia and Partnering for Scale and Impact have been working hard to finalise Series 1 Funding. And now, thanks to the support of our partners, you can apply and find out more on our brand new PSI website.

Visit the PSI website.

Partnering for Scale & Impact (PSI) is SSE Australia’s latest initiative designed to transform Australia’s early stage social enterprise sector.

Noting that the social capital market for more developed social enterprises is better established than the market for earlier stage ventures PSI will reduce the structural gap in the social capital market where higher risk, earlier stage ventures cannot find philanthropic support.

These ventures are traditionally too small or undeveloped for the impact investing market.

The PSI initiative will help form and grow these fledgling social enterprises with promise into robust, self-sustaining and profitable entities by wrapping advisors, expert support, networks, and importantly, money around them.

In five years the PSI initiative will deploy at least $1.5m into the sector including relatively early and still developing social enterprises. The program will seek $100,000 from individuals or collectives annually over a three year term.

The initiative will see selected early stage social enterprises build the capacity needed to develop and grow with the support of the people who have the resources to make this happen.


“The Difference Incubator supports the approach that SSE are taking in establishing the Partnering for Scale and Impact program. The collaborative approach to understanding the offerings of others and seeking to address gaps in the market is something we thoroughly encourage”
Bessi Graham, CEO and Co-Founder – The Difference Incubator
“The social capital market has a tremendous enabling role to play in facilitating the mission of meaningful social change makers and their enterprises. Early stage ventures are, by definition, the pipeline for funders of more developed and proven social enterprises, be they impact or philanthropic investors of social capital”

Rob Koczkar, CEO- Social Ventures Australia

“I’d like to invest $100m into this asset class. The sector needs a viable pipeline of opportunities for this to happen”
Gary Brader, CIO – QBE

“It’s really pleasing to see the collaborative effort that School for Social Entrepreneurs have been able to bring together to create a substantial and multi-faceted resource for social entrepreneurs to tap into.

There are so many amazing social enterprises each on their own journey of making a difference. It’s great to see so many individuals and organisations across so many different sectors willing to ride shotgun with them,”
Daniel Madhaven, CEO – Impact Investing Australia

“To develop a successful social enterprise readiness model we need to collectively make new sources of funds available to viable enterprises to help them become sustainable. It is exciting to see SSE Australia start this conversation and deliver an innovative model just 12 months after initial discussions. At SEFA we’re excited to be see how we can play a role in PSI and work together with SSE Australia,”
Ben Gales, CEO – Social Enterprise Finance Australiaa

“We are delighted to continue our ongoing support of SSE through the PSI initiative. By focusing on both the enterprise and the entrepreneur through strong leadership development we’re confident that PSI will have an impressive sector-wide impact.“Over the past 12 months SSE Australia has engaged philanthropists, impact investors, social enterprises, and key sector organisations such as Social Ventures Australia, Impact Investing Australia, and Social Traders to develop a truly collaborative approach,”
Alan English – English Family Foundation

“Initiatives such as PSI provide the opportunity for social enterprises to access the support and dollars they need to realise their social impact potential. The launch of PSI is timely and Social Traders is pleased to support this new initiative of SSE,”
David Brookes, CEO – Social Traders