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Fundraising for Social Enterprises

A Guide to Fundraising

Tips and advice for fundraising as a social entrepreneur.


Want to develop your fundraising skills?

Surveys of School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) Australia students show that when they are starting their social enterprise, asking others for money can make them feel anxious, vulnerable and confronted. We agree. Fundraising can be all of the above if you are only asking for money.

SSE Australia’s ‘Guide to Fundraising’ was produced to help develop the understanding and mindset that what you are asking for is much more than money – it’s an invitation to achieve something that you both believe in.

The Guide walks readers through what makes a successful fundraiser, how to fundraise effectively and the best fundraising options within Australia. It’s been designed to support your understanding of fundraising fundamentals and how to integrate them into achieving your vision within three sections: The Why, The How and The Where.

Social entrepreneurs, fundraisers, not-for-profts and anyone who wants to learn about successful fundraising will benefit from this Guide.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any feedback or questions about the Guide – email