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About Us

School for Social Entrepreneurs Australia

We run learning programs across Australia for people from all backgrounds that have an idea or business with a community benefit.


School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) Australia inspires and equips changemakers and social entrepreneurs to establish, scale and sustain social ventures that foster social and economic participation, and create a lasting impact within disadvantaged communities. Our vision is a community powering positive changemakers for a more inclusive and sustainable world.

Unlike a traditional school, SSE Australia is non-academic and based on a ‘learning by doing’ approach. Students gain practical business and life skills that they can apply directly to their ventures.

SSE Australia, founded in early 2009, is based on the highly successful SSE UK founded in 1997 by serial social entrepreneur Michael Young. In addition to our Australian school there are 12 Schools in the UK and one in Canada (Toronto) with a global network of over 1,200 Fellows (including over 400 in Australia).

SSE Australia was founded by Social Ventures Australia, SSE UK, and serial social entrepreneur Steve Lawrence AO.

SSE Australia nurtures those in our community that see big opportunities where others see big problems – social entrepreneurs drive local actions to meet local challenges. SSE is about helping communities to help themselves. – Emily Fuller, Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation